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BLS Training

1 day or half day course available

Moving and Handling Training

This Moving and Handling course has been developed to give you the tools to acquire knowledge and understanding needed to deliver safe and quality care to service users. The course will cover: 

1. Related legislations/regulations.

2. Basic anatomy of the spinal column.

3. Risk assessment.

4. Choosing the correct equipment. e.g. sling choice and use, hoisting and slide sheets.

5. Condemned manoeuvres.

6. Related practical skills (i.e. chair manoeuvres, walking your service user)

This Basic Life Support course has been developed to give you the tools to act safely and effectively in the following situations: 


1.  Assessing life-support situations.

2. Correctly placing individuals in the 'life-support position.'

3. Managing choking and anaphylaxis. 

4. Delivering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) including  the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED

Do note that the course can be tailored for BLS

in adults and/or children. 

Coming soon...

Occupational Therapy Refresher Training

1 day course available


This Occupational Therapy (OT) course has been developed to focus on therapists working in a rehabilitation setting and using assistive equipment to allow patients to achieve their potential. 

1. Related legislations/regulations and legal issues.

2. Difficulties surrounding treatment handling.

3. Equipment use and potential boundaries.

4. Exploring balanced decision making.

5. Exploring practical solutions to the complexities of manual handling for those with physical limitations.

Note: BLS equipment can be supplied for any First Aid training conducted.

However, for Moving and Handling we kindly request that equipment be made available on site.

For more information on pricing, please contact me directly on:



1 day or half day course available

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