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More About In Motion Training

Never Stop Learning

Our goal is to provide simplified and constructive training to meet the needs of your service-users or organisation, rooted in a philosophy of effectively merging clinical theory and practice. 


We achieve this by ensuring that you are provided with the most up-to-date guidelines and techniques that adhere to current best practice.

At In Motion Training we do everything that we can to create the best learning package and environment for you and your team.


My name is Sophia Ndikum

Founder of In Motion Training
​(Background in Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Moving and Handling and BLS teaching experience).

My goal is to create an opportunity to deliver the passion I have for training and fine tune this into courses.
This has given me that platform to share practice knowledge and teach new skills or refresh on existing areas, to help others succeed in and out of the workplace.

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